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Live Reloading with Hakyll

With the help of some existing nodejs code, having your hakyll blog reload in the browser as you save is a piece of cake!

You’ll need nodejs and npm already installed in the recommended way for your OS.

Create a package.json in your project root:

  "name": "blog",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "dependencies": {
    "livereload": "^0.3.7"

Install livereload by running npm install.

Create livereload.js next to the package.json:

livereload = require('livereload');
server = livereload.createServer(); + "/_site");

Start the server side by running cabal run watch and node livereload.js in separate windows.

Install the Chrome LiveReload Plugin or Firefox LiveReload Plugin , navigate to http://localhost:8000/ and click the live reload icon to turn on live reloading for the page. This will inject some javascript into your page to make the reloading happen.

Each save in your editor will be picked up by the Hakyll watch server and recompiled into your _site directory. The nodejs server watching _site will notify the javascript running on your blog (added by the chrome plugin) through a websocket connection and reload the page accordingly. Very helpful!

September 14, 2015